The Beginner Level is aimed at people who want to start choral conducting or have very little previous experience. The Intermediate Level is designed for people who have already taken some courses, who have completed basic conducting techniques and who want to expand their knowledge. The Advanced Level is aimed at active choir conductors and music directors who have experience and solid training. If you want to be a listener, just choose the group you are most interested in seeing!

If you’ve never conducted before, your level is Beginner. If you are interested in the content (teacher, rehearsal choir, etc.) of another group but have never conducted, you can register as a Listening Student for any of the groups. You will be able to enjoy all the course content, without actively directing.

You will find a list of repertoire for each level in the Programme section of the website. The scores will be sent to the students once registration has been confirmed.

The complementary sessions (conferences and open rehearsals) will be open to the public. Sign up on our website! Of course, you can also come to the concerts as an audience member.

The course will be held in the city of Barcelona. We will confirm the facilities soon.

If you are joining the course from abroad and do not have accommodation, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to help you!