The Cantemus Children’s Choir (founded in 1975 by Dénes Szabó) is the multi international prize winning senior pupils’ choir of the odály Zoltán Primary School in Nyiregyháza, Hungary. Since its formation in 1975 the choir has achieved the highest of standards in choral performance and has travelled extensively to give concerts, compete, and take part […]

Cor Infantil Sant Cugat

Founded in 1991, it has been guided by a professional team of recognized value: Martí Marin, Elisenda Carrasco, Oriol Castanyer, and a series of national and foreign collaborators who have contributed their experience throughout these years. The Sant Cugat Children’s Choir has performed throughout Catalonia and Spain. In 1995 he began his projection abroad invited […]

Dénes Szabó

Born in Makó in 1947, Dénes Szabó is a leading figure in choral music, both in his native Hungary and around the world. He studied music in Szeged, Miskolc and Budapest, then began his teaching career at Zoltán Kodály Primary School in Nyíregyhaza. In 1975 he founded the Cantemus Children’s Choir, which has grown into […]