Active student


Registration before 3 June: €350

Active student

SCIC and FCEC members


Registration before 3 June: €300

Listening student


There are 8 places for active students in each group, except for the Beginner Level, which has 12 spaces.

Active students can register until 26 June at midnight. The teachers will always review the applicant’s CVs before confirming the position for the alum.

Listening students can register directly and will be admitted on a first come, first served basis.

To confirm your registration, send an email to with the following information:

DATA of the person registering (name, surname and ID number)
GROUP/LEVEL you want to register for and STUDENT TYPE (active/listening)*
CV (only required for active students)
If you are a member of the SCIC or the FCEC, indicate which organisation you are a member.

We will reply to your email confirming whether places are available and providing instructions on how to pay the corresponding amount.

*Teachers reserve the right to suggest changes of level or student type before the start of the course, if they believe that a student may be better suited to a different format. Students will be informed of these recommendations so they can discuss their options and decide on the best solution.